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Believing in the culture

Believing in the culture

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Believing in the culture

Recently I was fortunate enough to attend an AFL Coaching session, facilitated by the Hawthorn Football Club. Whilst not a Hawks supporter, I must say I was really impressed with what I saw.

Not only was the content on the day really interesting from my perspective as a coach at the junior level, but particularly getting access to specialist coaches that have been involved at the elite level for a decade or more was fantastic. However, it was the obvious confidence of this organisation in their own culture and leadership that also struck a chord on the day. They truly believe that they have an established culture for success and their history over the past 43 years with an amazing 15 Grand Final appearances seems to prove it.

Once again, as a non Hawthorn supporter, you always hear how they refer to themselves as "the family club", and on the day you could see that their staff truly believe it. In the cut throat world of AFL football, a number of their staff have experienced life at other clubs and you believe them when they say they have something special at Hawthorn, in comparison to other clubs they have played or worked for.

Creating the right culture is a theme you hear regularly in the business and sporting world. Commonly, you also hear that it needs to be driven from the top and through the leadership team. The right culture supports the development of the people within the organisation and importantly, the attraction of the right people in the first place. All much easier said than done! But from what I saw as a visitor to the club for just one day, you just get the feeling they are on the right track with the right people involved. There is a confidence from their staff regardless of players coming and going, that they are nicely placed for the upcoming season and beyond.

It's worth asking yourself if you believe in your organisation's culture. It's a good starting point towards establishing the right one. Did I mention that I don't barrack for the Hawks?