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The value of the Easter break

The value of the Easter break

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The value of the Easter break

I find the Easter break to be a very valuable one. I believe it offers an opportunity for us all to take pause and reflect on what is most important. While work and business are important and necessary for us to enjoy a particular standard and quality of living, it is the ability to spend time with our friends and family that is at the core of what is truly important.

Easter gives us the opportunity to take a break from work (for many the first real break since returning from Christmas) and provide us with the time to do just that. If you are religious, Good Friday will hold a special meaning for you. For others it allows the freedom to spend a day away from 'the daily grind'.

It is a rare event (just Christmas and Good Friday) to have virtually all commercial enterprises closed for the entire day. Whilst this can feel foreign, it can be liberating as it offers the chance to spend quality time with people outside of the traditional social settings (restaurants, shopping etc).

The Easter break can highlight the value of taking regular breaks to focus on our lives outside of work. Work is important, but so is having a work life balance. I hope you all have a fantastic Easter break and enjoy the time off with family and friends.

- Robert van Stokrom