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Client Support

Here are some tips to help you when liaising with recruiters regarding filling vacancies with candidates with disability.

At DFP, all our operational staff including Managers and Recruitment Consultants are trained as Disability Confident Recruiters.

Confident Sourcing Advice

  • Broader Candidate Pool

You can have a confident discussion with DFP staff regarding accessing a broader candidate pool for your workforce requirements.

We can be a reference tool for you regarding recruitment of candidates with disability.

Our staff are able to provide support for clients seeking to source a broader pool of candidates and ensuring candidates with disability, people who identify as Indigenous or are from diverse backgrounds can access and participate equitably in the recruitment process.

Please contact 03 8632 9900 to connect with our team.

Reasonable Adjustments

At DFP, it is important to us that candidates with disability can participate equitably in the recruitment process.

Our staff can have confident discussions with you regarding candidates with disability and their requests for any workplace adjustments that may be required as part of the interview or assessment process, including placement.

Please contact for advice regarding adjustments.

Other Useful Resources 



JobAccess is the national hub for workplace and employment information for people with disability, employers and service providers. 

Created by the Australian Government, it brings together the information and resources that can ‘drive disability employment’. Along with the JobAccess website, there is:

Through JobAccess, DFP has been able to access comprehensive information on disability employment related matters as well as access Disability Employment Services.

For more information, visit JobAccess

We would like to emphasise the value of the following JobAccess Employer Toolkit:

Employer Toolkit 

JobAccess’ comprehensive Employer Toolkit helps employers to hire people with disability and build their organisation’s disability confidence and competence.  It is an online resource to guide employers through the entire process of employing people with disability, using simple, straightforward videos, downloadable resources and highlighting real-life case studies.

For more information, visit JobAccess Employer Toolkit