DFP Project Job Index

    We recognise the need for our clients in the Project and IT sectors to understand the dynamics of the employment markets in which they operate - to obtain data, analytics and trends to help you recruit and better manage salary and wages costs. We also want to provide our candidates in this sector with information on demand for your skills, experience and the knowledge necessary to negotiate salary and wages.

    The DFP Project Job Index is the first of its kind. It uses artificial intelligence to break down big employment data gathered from nearly 5,000 job boards, career portals, recruiter and employer job vacancy lists into useful and timely information to help you set strategy, support decision making and ensure your employment and recruitment goals are exceeded. It is the first Index in the project management sector to provide detailed market analysis by location, job type, occupation and sub sector.

    Some of the ways the DFP Project Job Index may help you include:

    • Assessing demand for specific skills and roles on a state by state basis
    • Manage contract and permanent candidates needs
    • Understand competitor behaviour
    • Manage hiring manager expectations
    • Develop smarter data based recruitment campaigns

    Please contact Claire Black on (03) 8632 9924 for more information on the DFP Project Job Index or complete the form and subscribe to receive a copy.