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Developing your network

Developing your network

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Developing your network

​It is estimated that a large portion of the jobs that are filled are done so via the hidden job market, that is “word of mouth”. The major advantage of penetrating the hidden job market is that your competition is dramatically reduced. Unlike through advertised positions, people who source jobs via their network or direct approach do not have to compete with large fields of applicants.

What is a network?

  • A group of people who will act as eyes and ears for you out in the marketplace

  • People who might uncover a job opportunity for you

How to put together a network list:

  • Use brainstorming techniques

  • Include as many people as you can think of

  • Don’t exclude people who you think can help you

Who will be on your network list:

  • Workmates

  • Colleagues in your past organisation

  • Colleagues who have moved to another organisation

  • Ex-supervisors

  • Staff who have worked for you

  • People who have sold products to you

  • Friends who work in other organisations

  • People you know socially who might know what is going on in particular companies

Whether you’re currently looking for a new job or not, it’s worth putting in the time and taking the appropriate steps to building a strong network.