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DFP Market Research

Current and relevant market intelligence, data and analytics on industry trends.

DFP provides the most current and relevant data, market intelligence and analytics on industry trends to our clients, ensuring we are constantly updating our assessment methodology, conduct formal and informal research to identify industry developments such as attraction initiatives, recruitment and selection techniques and remuneration trends.

​We distribute relevant data and market information on a regular basis to our customers. This includes the supply of the most comprehensive research on absence management and wellbeing, project management job indices and various employment data research unique to DFP.

​Below is an example of some of the research DFP offers as a value added service:

Contact Centre and Business Support Job Index

Public Sector Job Index 

Project Job Index

▪ Contact Centre Industry Data (eg retention and turnover) 

▪ Absence Management and Wellbeing 

▪ DFP Contact Centre Salary Analysis Report 

DFP Mining and Research Job Index

For more information contact Tom Hatch on 03 8632 9952 or email