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Mental Health First Aid

Accredited Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Course

Approximately 20% of Australian adults experience a common mental illness each year.

Developed in Australia and recognised internationally for its innovative approach, Mental Health First Aid courses are based on evidence of what is best practice mental health first aid to support someone who has a mental health problem or is experiencing a mental health crisis.

The MHFA course trainspeople to give early helpto developing mental health problems and assistance in crisis situations.

We offer a 2 day MHFA course facilitated by our Accredited MHFA Instructor.

Participants will gain improved knowledge of mental illnesses and their interventions, knowledge of appropriate first aid strategies, and confidence in providing first aid to individuals with a mental health problem.

Developing mental health problems

  • Depression

  • Anxiety problems

  • Psychosis

  • Substance use problems

Mental health crises

  • Suicidal thoughts and behaviours

  • Non-suicidal self-injury

  • Panic attacks

  • Traumatic events

  • Severe psychotic states

  • Severe effects from alcohol or other drug use

  • Aggressive behaviours

Completing an MHFA course will help you to develop the skills to support an employee, a co-worker, friend or family member. In the same way that some people are First Aiders for physical conditions, Mental Health First Aid is:

  • The help provided to a person developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or in a mental health crisis.

  • Given until appropriate professional treatment is received or until the crisis resolves.

Participants will gain eligibility to complete an online Accreditation Assessment in order to receive a Mental Health First Aider Certificate of Accreditation valid for 3 years. 

For more information contact:

Athena Iliades

t: 03 8632 9998