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Job Seekers

Job Seekers

Why DFP?

DFP works with you, determined and driven to make it happen.

Our commitment to you ensures your association with us is supported throughout your job search, engagement with our clients and career development. 

Quality Clients

DFP people work with clients whose values align with ours and offer you positive job opportunities.

Accurate Pay

DFP people recognise the importance of paying you accurately and on time, every time. 

Responsive Customer Service

DFP people are highly responsive to your queries and feedback, ensuring your association with us is rewarding.

Candidate Community

DFP people are committed to fostering a sense of community amongst candidates and with candidates.

Socially Responsible

DFP people, with ethical business practices and a co-operative spirit, aim to make a positive difference to other peoples' lives and the environment.

Reward and Recognition

DFP people reward and recognise your individual performance and business expertise at our client sites.

Health and Wellbeing

DFP people put your safety, health and wellbeing first with a comprehensive induction and a range of staff benefits that contribute towards the health and wellbeing of you and your family.