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DFP works with you, determined and driven to make it happen.

We are committed to lowering costs, adding value and improving efficiencies in your recruitment outcomes.

Working with You

DFP People are easy to work, highly responsive and flexible to help you achieve success.

Quality Focus

DFP People operate under the AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality standard to deliver consistently high levels of service.

Safety Matters

DFP People comply with our certification to the safety standard AS/NZS 4801:2001 ensuring maximum safety outcomes. 

National Coverage

DFP People work on a local, regional or national basis given our extensive geographic footprint.

Proven Performance

DFP People successfully fulfil single placement and volume requirements for your general and specialist recruitment requests.

Wide-ranging Expertise

DFP People possess extensive experience supplying within corporate head offices, contact centre environments, office branch networks and industrial settings.

Above Average Staff Retention

DFP People have an average tenure of 5.5 years at DFP, almost twice the industry average, with a number of staff possessing between 6 to 18 years and beyond.

Extensive Talent Network

DFP People have access to the largest pool of talent profiles.  Our well established networks across many industries can connect you to a broader talent pool.

Unique Recruitment Tools

DFP People access unique recruitment tools that enhance the capability of ‘right fit’, high performance and long-term retention.

Dedicated Relationships

DFP People develop enduring relationships.  Over 65% of our top clients have worked with us for over 5 years.  PSAs, contract renewals and re-tendering success generate 85% of our work.

Technology Driven Solutions

DFP People are supported by technology that aims to reduce cost, improve efficiencies and optimise service delivery outcomes. 

Fully Integrated Candidate Program

DFP People, from sourcing strategies through to final placement, ensure candidates are integrated into their position. 

Continuous Improvement Culture

DFP People thrive under our strong continuous improvement culture that supports enhancements in all aspects of service delivery. 

Cost Effective Service

DFP People offer competitive pricing based on research, analysis and, where possible, benchmarking. 

If you would like to experience what sets DFP apart, contact us via our contact page.