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First impressions-presenting yourself for job interview success

First impressions-presenting yourself for job interview success

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First impressions-presenting yourself for job interview success

​Employers are looking for people who are self confident, who know what they can do, and who are able to express themselves clearly, in person or in writing. People who know how to dress and act appropriately, people who are good listeners and pay attention to the signals being sent.

While you are looking for a job, it is important to try to meet contacts and potential employers face to face because that is how they form the most accurate impression not only of your skills and abilities, but also your personal qualities.

Body language: You are an open book

In any face to face communications, less than half of the total meaning is conveyed by spoken words. In fact, you’re probably familiar with the following breakdown of face to face communication:

  • Words – 7%

  • Vocal tone & volume – 38%

  • Facial expression & body language -55%

“Non-verbal cues,” such as facial expressions, posture, eye contact, and hand and body movement, carry a lot of information – such as:

  • Are you confident?

  • Are you interested?

  • Are you at ease with others?

  • Are you sincere?

  • Are you adaptable?

  • Are you sensitive to others?

You can easily control some of these cues like posture and eye contact. Others, like your hand gestures or rate of blinking, are a little more difficult to control.

The point is that you should be aware of how you are presenting yourself, and you should strive to present a comfortable, self confident appearance. There’s no point in trying to remake yourself into something you’re not, or act out of character to impress employers.

You should also be aware of the cues other people send you. Because you have been “reading” non-verbal signals since you were a child, your “hunches” about what people are thinking and feeling are likely to be accurate.