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Blogs in Job Interview

Blogs in Job Interview

Telephone Interview

Telephone interview – 5 tips to perfecting your skills

​It’s surprising how many candidates underestimate the importance of telephone skills in the job application process. Professional recruiters deal with hundreds of job seekers and often comment on ...

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Interview Date 437x494 (1)

Valentine’s Day career advice – Similarities between a date and an interview

​Much like a romantic date, attending a job interview requires the right mix of making a good first impression, dressing to impress and selling yourself appropriately. While you’re likely to receiv...

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Job Offers

How to evaluate multiple job offers

​​When it rains, it pours! As the saying goes, you may find yourself in such a mindset when you’re going through the job search process. Keep getting multiple rejections, and when you finally get ...

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Award Winner On Stage

The Art of Selection: Lessons in Recruitment from the AFL Draft

​Recruitment is an art that extends far beyond the corporate realm. In the world of sports, particularly in the Australian Football League (AFL), the annual draft serves as a prime example of how m...

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Job Searching On Computer

Job search obstacles in technology – The importance of persistence and planning

​Losing a job is difficult for anyone and requires some self-reflection and careful planning to get back into a suitable role. You could find yourself in a scenario where you have completed the ba...

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Spring Carnival Blog (1)

Spring Carnival Fashion – 3 things job seekers can learn from racegoers

​For some, the Spring Carnival season is not just about racing, it’s more about fashion! From the latest trends in colours and styles to the most outlandish head gear. While there’s no need for job...

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Legal Interview

How to prepare for a legal interview - A Junior Lawyer's Guide

​Being a lawyer can be challenging and securing your first full time legal practice role is an important milestone in your career. However, the first step towards this goal is facing the interview ...

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How To Prepare For A Technology Interview

How to prepare for a technology job interview

​Landing a technology job in today's competitive job market requires more than just a strong resume. Technology job interviews can entail rigorous and demanding assessments, yet with proper readine...

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Post Job Search

How to follow up after a job interview

​Next to being informed about landing a job, many candidates find the end of an interview and the relief of doing well to be the second best feeling. Given all the preparation and stress that goes ...

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Gf Blog Image (1)

Grand final footy – 3 things candidates can learn from footballers

​If you live in Melbourne, it’s hard to escape the excitement of the AFL Grand Final. For many fans, after devoutly following their team through the cold winter months, finals footy puts a spring i...

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Whats Next Blog (1)

How do you know when it’s time for a new job?

​There is a theory that most jobs have an expiry date – that what you felt so passionate about and enjoyed doing on a daily basis in the beginning doesn’t last forever. You may have already experie...

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Negotiation E1429596960341

Negotiating your job offer: How to handle the salary question

​There comes a moment in the interview process when you realise that the interviewer is selling you on the benefits of working for their organisation. You find that you no longer need to “sell” you...

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Resumes E1491866482661

Resume writing – five essential tips to follow

​One of the most valuable things about a resume is the process of writing it. Here are a few tips worth following when putting your resume together.

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Interview Panel

Job Interview Rehearsal – How to practice for your interview

​Practice does make perfect! If you have an interview coming up, the best preparation is to practise how you would speak in the interview. Even if you don’t have an interview lined up, but are sear...

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Flexible Working 2

Flexible work practices – building a culture of flexibility at work

​The workplace is constantly changing and evolving, with increasing online solutions allowing for workplace mobility and an awareness of the importance of work/life balance, more than ever before t...

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Reference Blog

Need a reference? Avoid this crucial mistake

​Many job seekers make the mistake of confirming their referees well after commencing their job search. It is important to resolve the issue of references at the start of your job hunt so that this...

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Handshake Image

What is a proper handshake?

A good handshake is one of the keys to making a strong first impression. Make sure you get it right!

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Wishlist 1

Time for a new job? How to find the job of your choice

​You’ve come to the realisation that you’re over your current job! Be it a lack of advancement, unhappiness with the company or simply unmotivated by the work, it’s time to face the reality that co...

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Behavioural Interview

How to answer behavioural interview questions

​Many candidates are often spooked by behavioural interviews, ruining their chances of landing a role they’re more than qualified to perform. In reality though, there’s nothing to be spooked about ...

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Video Job Interview

How to prepare for a Video Interview

​With so much of how we communicate changing over the last few years, it’s only natural that the interview and hiring process also reflects these communication changes. Over the last few years, vid...

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Arriving Early Blog

Why you shouldn’t arrive too early for your interview

When it comes to interview preparation, most job seekers would attest to the many articles they have come across emphasising the importance of arriving on time for their interview. Being late to an...

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Job Search Plan Blog

How to set up a job search plan

Searching for a job can be a very lengthy process. While you go through the process, you want to make sure your efforts translate into success, not to mention keeping your sanity in check. Here’s w...

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Job Search Obtacles Blog Image

Job search obstacles – How to prevent losing your mind

​Like most activities in life, your job search is likely to consist of highs and lows, peaks and valleys, successes and failures. It is important to guard against discouragement and inactivity.Losi...

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Transferring your accomplishments to your resume

​One of the keys to a successful job application is a detailed listing of accomplishments in a candidate’s resume. Not only does this allow your resume to stand out, but it also helps you by provid...

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References Blog Post1

Positioning your references for success

​It is important to resolve the issue of references at the start of your job search so that it will not cause undue anxiety. Typically, your former employers and associates will not intend to say a...

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Stage Fright Interview

Stage Fright – Overcoming Interview Jitters

​You’ve got through pre-screening and the telephone interview stage.  Now it’s time for the formal interview.  Often qualified candidates reach this stage comfortably, only to be overwhelmed by the...

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What do resume readers look for?

Many candidates often submit resumes that are 4-5 pages in length entailing a detailed history of their past. While it's clear that they have put in the work towards producing a good resume, it's u...

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1st Impressions

First impressions-presenting yourself for job interview success

​Employers are looking for people who are self confident, who know what they can do, and who are able to express themselves clearly, in person or in writing. People who know how to dress and act ap...

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Marketing Yourself - The Importance of Networking

You've put in many hours of work to arm yourself with the best resume and cover letter that you can imagine. Proud of how you are represented on paper, you are ready for the next job fair or interv...

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No Show

Running late for your interview? Think twice.

​It is said that getting to the interview stage is often half the battle won in terms of securing a new job. Now you have the chance to show off your skills and experience and put forward your case...

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Elvator Pitch Blog

Perfecting your Elevator Pitch

Think of the powerful impact a commercial can have on you while you are watching television and how you can be drawn to that product. Your personal commercial, commonly referred to as the ‘Elevator...

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Perfect Job

Finding the perfect job

The perfect job can be more elusive than you think.So you’ve managed to find an opportunity that you feel could be the perfect job. If only your salary expectations were met! It’s not often that yo...

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Matching Fit3

Matching your skills to the job interview

​In order to have a successful interview, it’s essential to direct the interviewer to your strengths. When thinking about how to answer interview questions, keep a simple idea in mind:Match needs n...

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Tom Blog 2 Image

What do great athletes and great candidates have in common?

​Recently a friend of the family was looking for some help in finding a job after being made redundant. He also happened to be a gifted athlete who had the opportunity to compete at the highest lev...

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Blog Tom

First Bounce

​As we approach the start of a new AFL season (you beauty), what can you compare it to in business?As a member of our organisations Leadership Team, the expectation could be to compare it to the co...

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