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Evaluating the Easter eggs (hidden benefits) in your job search

Evaluating the Easter eggs (hidden benefits) in your job search

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Evaluating the Easter eggs (hidden benefits) in your job search

​With the first long break of the year upon us, most people have spent time and effort planning a holiday and looking forward to a break from work during Easter. If you have been looking for a job or changing careers, chances are you have been putting in your best efforts. While the job search process can get tedious, it can also be difficult to weigh the pros and cons of certain roles and know what you want. At this point it’s worth considering the perks of job opportunities, which can often go unnoticed.

With the theme of Easter in mind, here are 5 Easter eggs (hidden treasures) to look for in your job evaluation which can provide you with further clarity.

1. Professional Development Opportunities

Some companies prioritise employee growth and offer extensive professional development programs. This includes access to workshops, courses, and certifications that can enhance your skills and career prospects.

2. Travel Opportunities

For those with a sense of adventure and curiosity about the world, jobs with travel opportunities offer great enrichment. Whether it's traveling for conferences, meetings, or project assignments, these positions provide experiences and exposure to diverse cultures.

3. Mental Health and Wellness Benefits

Look for jobs that offer comprehensive health and wellness benefits beyond the basics. This could include gym memberships, mental health resources, or wellness programs that promote a healthy lifestyle.

4. Generous Vacation and Leave Policies

Time off is essential for rejuvenation and work-life balance. Explore job listings with generous vacation days, parental leave policies wellness days or volunteer leaves. For example, companies that provide paid time off for volunteering activities allows employees to contribute to causes they are passionate about without using their vacation days or personal time.

5. Flexible Schedules/ Remote Work Option

Imagine having the freedom to set your own hours or work remotely. Jobs with flexible schedules allow you to balance work with personal commitments whereas remote work offers the flexibility to work from home. Save time on commuting and enjoy a better work-life harmony.

As you navigate your job search, remember to uncover the Easter eggs in each role. If you need assistance with your job search, the Team at DFP specialises in matching candidates with roles that not only offer competitive salaries but also enriching perks that enhance your work experience.

Contact us today or explore our job listings with unique benefits and perks tailored to your preferences.

Wishing you a joyous Easter!