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Harness the Power of Strengths at Work

Harness the Power of Strengths at Work

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07 March 2024 08:30 - 11:45 Marriott Hotel - 515 Queen Street Brisbane

Using Strengths to Achieve Higher Performance

Positive psychology has for many years been uncovering compelling research on the power of having a focus on what is strong in us, not what is wrong with us. If we lead with a focus on our own strengths and take time to spot strengths in members of our team, we can unleash greater levels of performance at work.

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore strength based leadership

  • Complete your own strengths assessment

  • Understand your signature strengths

  • Learn how to spot strengths in others

  • Consider the conditions to motivate and enable success

You will also have the opportunity to reflect on how to apply these insights in your workplace and beyond. This is an ideal tool for increasing positive engagement and wellbeing at individual, team and organisational levels so that people and performance can thrive.

​Attendance at the Forum is complimentary and will include full breakfast. Please RSVP to Tom Hatch on 03 8632 9952 or email thatch@dfp.com.au by Thursday 29 February 2024.



As the director of Vicissitude, Susan Crawford works with senior leadership teams and frontline leaders, both individually and collectively, to hone strategies and skills that are required to achieve high performance and build engaged and productive workplaces. Susan is an experienced educator, consulting psychologist and facilitator with broad experience across all business sectors. 

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