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What do resume readers look for?

What do resume readers look for?

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What do resume readers look for?

Many candidates often submit resumes that are 4-5 pages in length entailing a detailed history of their past. While it's clear that they have put in the work towards producing a good resume, it's unfortunate that they missed the mark due to simply not knowing what resume readers are looking for.

Here are some key points worth following to ensure your resume is read.

  • People who read resumes judge your resume both on the information you provide about yourself - the content -

    and on how you present that information - the format. Both say something about you and your job search.

  • The content of your resume is not intended to tell everything about you and your past. It is to provide employers with the information they need to determine whether you might be a good fit for the job they are trying to fill. Read the job description a few times and make sure you understand the role requirements well. If your experience is well suited for the role, make sure you highlight those skils and accomplishments in your resume.

  • A good resume has to tell a story. It has to convince the reader that you deserve an interview and serious consideration for the job. It will set up the opportunity to go into detail during meetings and interviews. Many resume formats are acceptable, but one thing is essential: Your resume must be easy to read. You must let the reader find out - quickly and easily - what you've done, where you have done it, over what period, and what you can do.

A good resume alone may not get you a job, but it will certainly help you get a potential employer's attention and an interview.

It's worth putting in the time to get it right!

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