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Telephone interview – 5 tips to perfecting your skills

Telephone interview – 5 tips to perfecting your skills

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Telephone interview – 5 tips to perfecting your skills

​It’s surprising how many candidates underestimate the importance of telephone skills in the job application process. Professional recruiters deal with hundreds of job seekers and often comment on the poor communications skills and ignorance of professional phone etiquette demonstrated by many candidates.

To help you master your telephone technique, here are 5 basic rules to follow:

1.  Respect the person on the other end of the line

Sometimes, the person answering the phone may be responsible for hiring. Equally important, a receptionist or administrative assistant may be giving feedback, solicited or unsolicited, to the hiring person about job candidates. Treating one person disrespectfully could ruin your chance of gaining an interview.

2.  Listen closely

You may be nervous or anxious about the job process. While nervousness is normal, anxiety is something you should try to eliminate.  With an influx of emotions, you may miss a few things in the conversation.  Slow down, take a deep breath and don’t be afraid to ask the person to repeat themselves.

3.Find a quiet place to make your call

This will definitely help with step 2. It should be clear that public transport, your current workplace, or a shopping mall are not ideal places for a conversation regarding a possible job opportunity. It is acceptable to say you’re not able to talk right now and offer to call back at a better time.

4.  Speak clearly, concisely and professionally

If it’s the first call to enquire about a role, introduce yourself and the purpose of your call clearly. Be polite and courteous.

5.Speak with energy and enthusiasm

You don’t need to sound like a spruiker at a closing down factory sale.  A lifeless phone delivery also won’t create the right impression.  A positive and energetic tone can go a long way with the other person on the line.

It is key to prepare for a phone interview just as you would for a face to face interview. Give it the same level of importance and it will certainly help your verbal communications skills.