DFP Code of Ethical Practice

Code of Ethical Practice

Code of Ethical Practice

DFP Recruitment Services is an organisation committed to providing recruitment services of the highest quality. To do this we recognise the need to operate in a highly ethical framework with a commitment to both corporate and individual responsibility and accountability.

The company's operating charter spells out the mission, objectives and identifies guidelines by which we operate. Included in these objectives and guidelines are statements such as:

  • Citizenship- With ethical business practices and a co-operative spirit we aim to impact our team and community by making a positive difference to other peoples lives and the environment

  • The company and its people will demonstrate the highest possible ethics through unquestionable honesty, trust and loyalty.

  • The company and its people will operate with ‘high performance’ principles by demonstrating urgency, accepting responsibility, being flexible and striving for continuous improvement.

These statements are enthusiastically supported by the CEO , the Executive Team and we believe the whole company. The charter is visible throughout all of our offices and is referred to at not only special company presentations but is also used by staff when they need guidance with regards how a certain situation should be handled.

Code of Ethics

Through our corporate membership to the Recruitment Consulting Services Association (RCSA), we are committed to a code of professional practice that represents the best interests of our clients, serves our candidates in good faith and has a responsibility to our industry and our community.

Members subscribe to, and have agreed in writing to, observe a code of professional practice in the conduct of their business. A copy of the RCSA Code for Professional Conduct can be found on their website - www.rcsa.com.au.

The General Principles are:

  1. Members will observe a high standard of ethics, probity and professional conduct.

  2. Ethical behaviour is not simply compliance with legal requirements, it extends to honesty, equity, integrity and social responsibility in all dealings. It is behaviour that holds up to disclosure and to public scrutiny.

  3. All members are required to sign a ‘Statement of Commitment’ to abide by the Code for Professional Conduct and to support the mission of the RCSA.

  4. The Schedules to this Code form part of the Code and operate as guidelines to assist members to meet their obligations arising under the Code's Principles.

All of our Consultants involved in servicing client accounts observe the RCSA Code for Professional Conduct.