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Finding the perfect job

Finding the perfect job

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Finding the perfect job

The perfect job can be more elusive than you think.

So you’ve managed to find an opportunity that you feel could be the perfect job. If only your salary expectations were met! It’s not often that you find a job that fits all your requirements. But a mismatch in salary doesn’t have to signal an end to considering the role.  There are a few different ways this situation could be turned into a positive one.


If the salary is your highest priority for your perfect job, you can firstly start by negotiating.  Remember that just because someone has offered you a job at a particular salary doesn’t mean that you have to accept it. Nor does it mean that the company has to pay you what you feel you should get. Negotiation doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable or unpleasant process. A true negotiation ends successfully when both parties feel that they have done well from it.

To negotiate successfully in the job setting you have to get as much information as you possibly can. Review the following checklist and be prepared by knowing:

  • Exactly what you are worth in the marketplace

  • Exactly what you want in terms of salary

  • Exactly the minimum acceptable level of remuneration you will accept for that particular job

  • Exactly what is being offered and what it means

  • What benefits/perks you want.

Future Considerations

If negotiation doesn’t help the role become the perfect job, ask detailed questions about the role and the company to determine how good the prospects are for career progression and development. Getting as much supporting information as possible will help you come to a decision on whether the role could turn out to be the perfect job. The areas of information could include:

  • When and how often are salary reviews held?

  • What is the organisational structure?

  • Does the company have an employee development program?

  • Does the company have flexible work programs?

The above are just a few examples of questions you could ask that may help you determine the likelihood of meeting your salary expectations in the future within the company, or even give you an insight into the level of career growth the opportunity may present. It may either confirm that the role could turn out to be the perfect job or help position you well for your next role.

Remember to consider all aspects of a potential job and weigh these against the salary requirement. Sometimes making a small sacrifice in the salary area could turn out to be a smart career move. After all, sometimes you need to take two steps back to take one forward! Especially when it comes to finding the perfect job.