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Perfecting your Elevator Pitch

Perfecting your Elevator Pitch

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Perfecting your Elevator Pitch

Think of the powerful impact a commercial can have on you while you are watching television and how you can be drawn to that product. Your personal commercial, commonly referred to as the ‘Elevator Pitch’, can generate the same enthusiasm for you in an interview situation if it is done well and thoroughly. The Elevator Pitch is a verbal resume that captures the listener’s interest and brings the interviewer up to date on your background in a clear, concise manner.

Your Elevator Pitch should address not only what you have done, but who you are, where you are now, and where you are headed. In addition to general background information, it is often useful to include two or three of your greatest strengths and a few key events that support and illustrate these strengths.

You can customise your Elevator Pitch by selecting strengths and events to fit the person and circumstances you are facing. You may find it necessary to revise your pitch a number of times until it fits a short concise time frame, no longer than 2 minutes.

Before you go to any meetings or interviews, it is important that you feel comfortable with your pitch. For most people, this takes practice. Consider using the following process to help perfect your pitch:

  • Rehearse privately, or in front of someone else, or video yourself from your phone

  • Listen to the recording/video and critique yourself and/or ask for a critique from another person

  • Revise your pitch as necessary.

Practice makes perfect! Especially if you’re up against the likes of Miranda a Preistly.