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Video Interviewing

Video Interviewing

DFP utilises the latest in recruitment technology by allowing you to complete an interview direct from the comfort of your very own home.

Partnering with leaders in online interviewing, you can rest assured you will have the latest and greatest video interview experience.

This is a great opportunity to tell us more about yourself, and it can be done at a time that suits you.  Just to let you know this process will take 10-20 minutes to accomplish. There is a practice question at the start, a tutorial video and if you are not ready to complete the video interview now, you can always come back later (before the expiry date).

How to prepare for an interview

DFP's Samantha Cooper explains how to best prepare for your upcoming video interview.

It is important to research the position and the company. Visit the company’s website and find out as much information as you can. You can then demonstrate this knowledge and interest during the interview.

Go through the job advertisement and/or company website and analyse the key competencies. These are the key skills that are essential or desirable. Then think about your experiences in your past positions that have demonstrated your skills in these areas.

Know why you want to work for this company specifically and why you want this position.

How to complete an interview

You will have recently received an email or been directed to this website and asked to complete a specific Video Interview.

All technical details for conducting the video interview will be explained in great detail when you click on your video linkbelow.

Available Video Interviews

Please check your email for any video interviews you may have been invited to.

There are currently no public interviews.