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Behavioural Interviews

Our behavioural interview enables us to help you select the candidates whose skills and motivations accurately match your job requirements. DFP can conduct behavioural interviews for you, either individually or in a panel format, face to face or remotely.

A behavioural interview necessitates asking questions which seek specific examples of past experiences to allow the interviewer to assess how the applicant responded to particular situations.  The concept is based on the premise that past behaviour is the best predictor of future success. Questions focus on the job capabilities and look for past evidence of the behaviours that are required.  Behavioural interviewing therefore has an advantage over conventional methods which tend to focus on what a candidate says they might do under certain circumstances.

DFP Consultants are fully trained in competency based behavioural interviewing techniques. Draft behavioural interview guides for your positions are specifically developed to reflect the key competencies required for success in the role.  Decisions are made based on a candidate’s past performance and demonstrated skills and abilities, rather than on personal ‘gut reactions’ or candidate speculations or intentions on how to perform in the job. Candidate responses to questions are documented, evaluated and rated accordingly.