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Applying for a Job

Applying for a Job

Here are some tips to help you when applying for a job.

  1. Resume Preparations

Most vacancies require a resume often accompanied by a cover letter.

For sample resume templates, there are a number of helpful websites that offer free services:

  1. Focus on What You Can Do

  • In your application focus on why you are the best candidate for the position.

  • Include any past successes and achievements.

  • Mention your strengths and how they relate to the role. 

  • Seek the advice of a trusted friend or family member who can review your resume to ensure there are no errors and it reads well.

  1. Declaring Your Disability

For people with disability, deciding whether to disclose one’s disability to a recruiter or potential employer can be challenging.

  • There is no need to disclose you have a disability in a cover letter or resume. 

  • Often application forms request applicants to disclose disabilities.  This is not mandatory.  You may prefer to discuss this information and do so via your preferred method of contact.

  • We encourage candidates to feel empowered and to discuss their disability with a recruiter/potential employer when you are confirming your attendance for an interview. 

  1. Accessibility at Interview

  • You can request reasonable workplace adjustments to be accommodated so that you are able to perform at your best during the interview.

Note: At DFP, all our Recruitment Consultants are trained as Disability Confident Recruiters. They are able to provide support to candidates to access and participate equitably in the recruitment process.