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Psychometric Evaluations

Psychometric Evaluations

DFP is able to utilise psychological appraisal and assessment according to your requirements. We employ a wide range of psychological instruments from the most respected test developers and distributors. A variety of assessments are able to be administered online.

Choose from a variety of psychometric assessment tools aligned to competencies and behaviours that are facilitated in a controlled environment by our accredited staff. Tests include:

  • Abilities / IQ Tests

Ability tests are designed to provide an estimate of natural and learned intelligence and future potential for different types of work skills. General Reasoning tests aim to measure ‘trainability’ i.e. the ability and rate of learning mental tasks. Research into the area of intelligence has consistently demonstrated the existence of three ability domains: verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning.

  • Measures of Personality

Questionnaire-based measures of personality provide a fair, objective and cost-effective method of predicting likely behaviour in a wide range of situations.  They allow the collection of evidence not readily available via other means to aid the assessment process. DFP utilises a range of personality measures, selected following liaison with key staff and review of the specific job competencies. All have an extensive Australian norm base and are supported by evidence of reliability and validity.

  • Gamification

Game-based psychometric assessments are current on the testing scene. Like any new development, some are excited by this evolutionary stage in the life cycle of psychometric tools, while others are concerned about this change.

The shift towards candidate experience and candidate -focused products is not new in many industries, but in psychometrics there are additional sensitivities and considerations. Compared to other types of technology, the rate of change is slow as consideration must be given to reliability and validity.

Game-based assessments are part of a next generation of psychometric testing:

  • Instead of asking candidates to complete a test that feels like a test, they get to play a series of games. That’s a win for them, and your employer brand.

  • Thousands of data points for each candidate are collected, and we can obtain a more accurate image of their abilities than a simple questionnaire with right and wrong answers.

  • Assessments will typically measure  mental agility, cognitive speed, attention span, spatial aptitude and numerical reasoning.

DFP have access to a range of psychometric assessments and welcome further discussion on where they can be used most effectively.

  • Interest Inventories

Interest inventories are designed to assess an individual’s interests across a comprehensive range of occupations. Once identified, interests can be matched to specific job characteristics enabling effective allocation of people to new areas of work. An understanding of an individual’s interest also provides structure for career development and counselling. The nature and strength of an individual’s interests reflect an important aspect of personality. Gaining an understanding of an individual’s interests is beneficial because of the direct effect interests can have on factors such as occupational achievement and interpersonal relationships.

All psychological tests utilised by DFP are recommended only after consideration of the job descriptions and/or competencies provided by your organisation.  Additionally, an updated job analysis is usually conducted by DFP which assists our understanding of the roles, and ensures that we have quantifiable ways to measure the required competencies.