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Scribing Solutions

DFP specialises in scribing solutions for the Australian public service. We provide a highly effective, streamlined scribing service that makes it easier for clients to continue with their business objectives.  Our scribing team is able to deliver flexible, timely and secure scribing services.

Our Scribing Solutions enable all levels of Government to utilise the expertise of our pool of scribing talent backed by our extensive history of servicing the Government sector.  DFP Scribing Solutions allow organisations to focus on their core business whilst aligning to strict compliance requirements including scribing protocols and merit principles.

Dedicated Scribe Manager

Our dedicated Scribe Manager manages a pool of professional Scribes and all aspects of our scribe program. 

The Scribes have extensive experience providing the full range of scribing services including:

  • Shortlisting or longlisting applications and preparing shortlisting or longlisting records in the approved format.

  • Contacting shortlisted applicants and coordinating interview schedules.

  • Scribe panel brief to ensure close alignment and management of expectations across bulk recruitment rounds.

  • Providing high level scribing services that fully support the Selection Panel at interview.

  • Selection Panel membership – all of our Scribes have experience as Panel members.

  • Preparation of selection reports in the approved format, addressing the Selection Panel’s preferences regarding format and content that accurately reflect the Panel’s selection decisions.

  • Contact with nominated referees and preparation of comprehensive referee reports.

  • Assistance with all administrative tasks associated with the entire selection process including initial contact with candidates.

  • Provision of candidate feedback in written or verbal format where required.

Scribe Specialists

Our Scribes are:

  • Skilled Facilitators who support, guide or convene your recruitment process or selection panels.

  • Former senior public servants at EL2 or SES levels.

  • Skilled communicators.

  • Experienced Selection Panel members.

  • Adept at reporting key information to enable you to make fair, transparent and merit based decisions.

  • Proficient at utilising your templates or DFP templates.