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Blogs in Productivity

Blogs in Productivity

Stress Retail2 (1)

How can you help employees deal with the Christmas rush?

​Our forums on Employee Wellbeing revealed the many challenges faced by both managers and employees with regard to workplace stress. In the article below, WorkPro shares some tips on how to effecti...

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5 Tips for Working From Home

​​Follow these simple tips to ensure you’re working safely and effectively from home.

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Workplace Stress

3 tips for reducing stress in the workplace

​Our recent forums on Employee Wellbeing revealed the many challenges faced by both managers and employees with regard to workplace stress. In the article below, WorkPro shares some tips on how to ...

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Power Nap Blog Image

Power napping – A key to employee wellbeing

​Many organisations have started to realise the importance of sleep health for their staff and the benefits of an integrated wellbeing program and its effects on employee productivity. While it may...

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Caring Manager

How to address presenteeism in organisations

​As organisations continue to focus on reducing absenteeism, presenteeism remains a problem that’s unaddressed. With the cost and occurrence of presenteeism being higher than absenteeism, why aren’...

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Tired At Work

Presenteeism and the cost to your organisation

While Absenteeism can be obvious and easier to measure, presenteeism is subtle and difficult to pin point. Presenteeism is when an employee is physically at work but is not being productive. Or as ...

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DFP is nominated for 2016 Telstra Business Awards

Being considered for an award is an honour in itself; being nominated by your peers for one is just amazing! The recognition of being a finalist in the 2016 Telstra Business Awards is humbling and ...

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Australian Mining Image

Prices stable but mining jobs hit record lows

​The following article was published by Paul Garvey from The Australian, commenting on recent job performance in the Mining and Resources sector featuring the DFP Mining and Resources Job Index.The...

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Wellbeing Part 2

How to create workplace well-being programs

​With a growing emphasis on employee well-being in the workplace, HR  departments are expected to design and deliver a workplace well-being strategy. Continuing with the list put together by the Gl...

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Flexible Working

The benefits of workplace flexibility for your organisation

​You may have already heard quite a bit about workplace flexibility and the positive impacts it creates for an organisation. You may also be wondering why your organisation hasn’t caught up to this...

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Absenteeism4 E1449544353211

Employee absence levels 2015

​The Direct Health Solutions (DHS) Absence Management Survey is an in-depth analysis of the levels, causes and management practices of unplanned absenteeism in Australia. Now in its 8th edition, th...

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Wellbeing Hero Image

Measuring and Improving Employee Wellbeing

​Our upcoming forums on Employee Wellbeing aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the key factors that drive wellbeing at work. The below case study by FBG Group, highlights the importance...

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How to reduce contact centre absenteeism?

With all the advancements in contact centre technology and practices, one challenge still remains at the forefront of day to day operations; absenteeism. The impact of absenteeism continues to undo...

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Gamification is not something I was familiar with until about 6 months ago. However, it certainly seems to be to gathering some traction.For those yet to explore Gamification, it is the concept of ...

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Tom Blog 2 Image

What do great athletes and great candidates have in common?

​Recently a friend of the family was looking for some help in finding a job after being made redundant. He also happened to be a gifted athlete who had the opportunity to compete at the highest lev...

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Blog Tom

First Bounce

​As we approach the start of a new AFL season (you beauty), what can you compare it to in business?As a member of our organisations Leadership Team, the expectation could be to compare it to the co...

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